Anna Thurber Profile Picture

About Anna Thurber

For over a decade, #AnnaThurberArtist has refined a nuanced process of creating distinctive #icecompositions with #botanicals and photographing the results.

Her work lives between #sculpture, #performance, and #photography.

The lifecycle of flowers animates me and drives me to document the process as I capture the flowers, seed pods, full blooms, and spent petals. The temporary nature of the pieces I create, is essential to the process. My time and energy are reduced to a pool of water and soggy stems, mirroring the rhythm of the seasons, and of course, then there are the images.

Frozen in Life is a site-specific work presenting the subjects of Anna Thurbers photography; molded ice sculptures featuring flora sourced from the Charles River Esplanade’s lush Spring, Summer and Fall of 2021.

This event, through Anna’s unique techniques and perspective, brings focus to the diversity of the Park’s ecosystem so that we can develop the perspective of noticing the nuances of and our emotional connections to our environments.

A frozen moment documenting changes in our surroundings heightens awareness of the quite change in our communities, thereby engaging a deeper connection, knowledge, and appreciation for our private and public spaces as well.