My art of frozen botanicals is a process that involves the selection of plants materials submerged in water, followed by watchful freezing. Attention to time, color, and textures are essential for a successful composition. Once my sculpture has released from its mold, I photograph for hours to capture the moments of change as the ice melts. My time and energy are then reduced to a pool of water and soggy stems, mirroring the rhythm of the seasons. Of course, they are my images.


In my journey as an artist, the intricate process of creating frozen botanical sculptures has become a captivating adventure. It all begins with the careful selection of plant materials, each submerged gracefully in the icy embrace of water, patiently awaiting the transformation that will follow. Time, color, and texture, the critical elements, are meticulously observed, ensuring each composition's success. As the ice slowly relinquishes its grasp, my sculptures emerge from their molds, revealing ephemeral beauty. It's in these moments of change, as the frozen art yields to the warmth, that I find myself engrossed behind the lens for hours. I capture the delicate dance of transition as the ice melts, each click of the shutter immortalizing nature's fleeting grace. With the click of a camera, my artwork, once solid and resolute, dissolves into a pool of water and soggy stems, mirroring the cyclical rhythm of the seasons. These images become a reflection of my journey and the story I tell through my art.

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